Cubitt Health and Fitness Smartwatch Frequently Asked Questions

The Cubitt Support Team has put together some commonly asked questions to give you more information about your Cubitt Smart Watch.
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How do I setup my Cubitt?

Plug the charging cable into your computer. Place the watch in the charging cradle and wait until the percent charged appears. If its charging correctly, it will vibrate. Charging time: 2-3 hours. Turn bluetooth on. Do not pair it in the bluetooth settings. Open the app on your smartphone and tap “Bind Devices” and it will start searching. It will show a list of devices, tap the the model of your watch. The watch can only pair with one smartphone at a time. 

Failure to connect with bluetooth- Restart your smartphone bluetooth.

Turn it on again and wait until the app finds your Cubitt.

How can I receive SMS, calls, e-mail notifications, whatsapp messages?

Open the app, and on device press SNS alert. Allow notifications and choose which notification you want to turn on. Save

How do I track my fitness goals?

You can track up to 14 different sports. Device page- more- activity display. You can choose up to 8 different sports mode at a time. To start a sport, tap “sport” and swipe the screen to view sports mode. Choose the sport you want and press start. To Pause or resume the sport, press the right key of the watch. To end the tracking, press and hold the right button. 

How can I check my daily heart rates?

Wear the watch on the upper position of your wrist. Do not wear your band too tight. It can restrict blood flow and can affect the heart rate signal. Automatic heart rate monitoring is On automatically

How do I track my sleep?

The watch automatically tracks your sleep. To check your detailed sleep data, go to the app.

Is it waterproof?

Yes. Sweat-proof, rain-proof, and splash-proof. You can wear the fitness tracker when running in rains or washing hand

How do I charge my Cubitt?

Place the watch in the charging cradle and push it until you hear a click.The percent charged will appear on the screen. If it is charging, the watch will vibrate. Charging time: 2-3 hours

Can I change my current band to a different one?

Yes, you can change your band to any of our three different straps that we have. Turn your Cubitt around and find the release lever. While pressing the release lever, remove the strap from your watch to release it. To attach a new band, slide the pin into the notch. Attach the new band while pressing the release lever and slide the end of the band into place. Release the lever.

How do I set an alarm?

Tap “Alarm Alert” on the App. To add an alarm, press the  + and add the time and type. Save it.

How do I activate the sedentary alarm?

Go to the homepage of the app. Turn on sedentary alert notifications. You can choose when will the alert start (when theres no movement).