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Cubitt Smartwatch App "VeryFitPro"

Record every movement accurately. Get plenty of personal reminders.

Keep track of your healthy and very active life with VeryFitPro, which works with Cubitt CT1, CT2 and CT3 Health and Fitness Smartwatch devices. VeryFitPro features include:

  • Accurately record daily movements
  • Thoughtful sleep housekeeper
  • Clear heart rate graph
  • Set personal reminders such as Call, SMS, WeChat, QQ, email.
  • You can download VeryFitPro on the App Store or on Google Play. Not compatible with tablets or PC.
  • Smartphone system requirements:
    • iOS 8.0 & higher
    • Android 4.4 & higher
    • Bluetooth 4.0 & higher
  • Supports more than 16 languages, suitable for all our existing models

Pairing your Cubitt Smart Watch with your phone:

Do not pair it in the Bluetooth settings. Enable Bluetooth. Open the app on your smartphone and tap “Bind Devices” and it will start searching. It will show a list of devices.Tap the model of your watch. The watch can only pair with one smartphone at a time.